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10 Diseases Caused By Pollution

Research is discovering more and more about the dangers of pollution. One research conducted recently showed that over twenty million deaths that occur yearly are actually caused by pollution.  Most of these deaths are in South and East Asia in backward countries. Another study that was done before that one had indicated that 40% of all the deaths on the globe yearly are caused by pollution in one form or another.

Diseases caused by pollution environmental pollution

These numbers are atrocious to hear about especially when you think that they are caused by environmental degradation. Unfortunately, few people are seriously thinking about how the environment affects our health. Here are just 10 diseases that are caused by pollution. These are just examples of what happens when we pollute our environment and the list is by no means exhaustive.

Diseases due to air pollution

  • Asthma
    This caused by the inhalation of poisonous gases that are in the air. It also comes from the constant suffocation brought on by air pollution.

  • Pulmonary Cancer
    The different carcinogens that are found in polluted air are inhaled into the lungs causing cancer.

  • Cardiovascular problems
    The poisonous gases, particles and poor air quality can affect the cardiovascular system leading to stroke and heart disease.

Diseases due to water pollution

  • Typhoid
    This is a disease that is caused by consuming polluted water. It is an infectious disease that can spread from one person to another.

  • Diarrhea
    This is the most common one and is actually an indication that the digestive system is out of order. It may also include stomach inflammation.

  • Cancer and Liver damage
    This is often caused by chlorinated solvents that can be found in water that is polluted.

Diseases caused by pollution water pollution

Diseases due soil pollution

  • Nerve and Brain Damage
    This occurs if you are exposed to soil that is contaminated with lead.

  • Cancer
    If you are directly exposed to soil that is polluted with many harmful chemicals, you can suffer from cancer. These chemicals include weed killers, chromium, benzene and a variety of pesticides.

  • Liver and kidney disease
    This is also caused by coming into contact with soil that has been polluted using a variety of infectious chemicals.

Noise pollution

  • Permanent or temporary deafness
    The main challenge with this effect of noise pollution is that it may not appear immediately. There might not even be signs of it happening until it does. It takes its toll over the years, making its debut at an older age.

What you can do?

Learn how to be more efficient with our waste. This can be done by recycling or reusing our plastic waste as well as reducing the use of unbreakable materials. Choose¬†environmentally friendly products to maintain the health cycle.¬†Don’t forget to donate to good causes charity like our charity partner: Bye Bye Plastic Bags. Visit our website to know how you can support multiple charities with one donation.

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