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“Our body is the sum of nature that we take in. Nature is the extension of our body. Hence, nature and our body share a special connection, one that is giving and receiving on both ends, a continuous collaboration. The Garden of Life Foundation is a home for those of us who wish to contribute to the harmony of this connection.“

Ade Rai is a well known and popular professional Indonesian bodybuilder, who has won several national and international awards, including the Musclemania world championship and the Mr. Asia and Superbody Professional titles. Through his chain of fitness centres he promotes healthy living. Ade cares deeply about the poor health standards on Bali and whenever he can, he goes to schools to educate the kids on the importance of a more healthy lifestyle through diet, movement and the experience of nature.


“The Flower of Life is a symbol that depicts the organ of genesis for all mammals, the placenta, from which life itselfspirals out into creation. If you are concerned about our home, our planet, aligning with The Flower of Life Project is a good place to begin doing something positive. Change is coming, may we join together as humans, and steer that change towards Life, Peace, and Balance.“

Ibu Robin Lim became a professional midwife after her younger sister died from pregnancy complications. Since 2003, she has dedicated her life to providing medical assistance to thousands of women too poor to afford any health care both in in Bali and Aceh provinces, Indonesia. She is the founder of the Bumi Sehat Foundation and was awarded the title of CNN Hero of the Year 2011 for her outstanding and tiredness work.


“As a musician, I feel that Bali is like good music for me, which never fails to calm my soul. It’s sad though to witness the recent developments. The massive tourism industry does not equivocally preserve the environment. We all need to be concerned and take the necessary steps to protect Bali’s beauty, so that it will remain a paradise for all of -us.“

Piyu Alghani is a well known Indonesian singer/songwriter, author and founder of the successful band Padi which has sold approximately 4 millons albums in Indonesia alone.

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Flower of Life
Flower of Life
Flower of Life
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"If you are concerned about our home, our planet, aligning with The Flower of Life Project is a good place to begin doing something positive."ROBIN LIMRead more >
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