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Bali Tourism Exploited

Bali has been known as a tropical paradise and a major tourist destination for many years.  Unfortunately, the cumulative effects of having tourism en-mass are turning this idyllic location into an environmental disaster. Since the 1970’s, Bali has been a major tourist destination.  Hotels have cropped up by the hundreds, absorbing much of the fresh water supply.   The challenge is that a crisis of drinkable water is now looming.

Plastic Trash in Bali

Plastic bottle on Bali’s beach. Photo Credit: Garden of Life

Seven hundred hectares of prime land in Bali are turned into hotel developments, roads or homes for wealthy foreigners yearly.  Daily, more than thirteen thousand cubic meters of garbage is dumped into the various public dumps and only 50% of that trash is recycled.  Roads are being built at a rate of 2.28% yearly and the cars on the roads are increasing at a yearly rate of 13%.  This has led to unprecedented traffic jams.

The risk is that the culture and the natural beauty that the tourists come to see could easily be lost amidst the constructions.  The culture of the people has been disrupted by the mass tourism.  In fact, the diverse cultures and the specific rituals have been merged and homogenized so that the tourists can enjoy a standard package.

Another sad thing that is currently happening is that the youth is turning away from the culture of the people and have become a globalized urban lot.  The tourism has its credit for improving Bali’s economy and the financial status of its people. However, with this material fulfilment goal, most people lose track on what was set orignally and ripping as much as they can from the nature of their island.

Bye Bye plastic bag in Bali

 Bye Bye Plastic encourages youth to stay alert with Bali’s plastic trash pollution. Photo Credit: Bye Bye Plastic Bag

How Can You Help?

Garden of Life supports Bye Bye Plastic Bag, an initiative that was initiated by two teenage girls Melati and Isabel Wijsen. This campaign is largely driven by international and local children with the aim of getting Bali to stop the use of plastic bags. We also will be stepping in to help Karang Lestari to replace the current energy sources with solar panels that are carbon neutral and help them expand the regeneration and education programs for community-based protection of marine life and conservation. By donating, you are helping Bali get rid of its trash pollution, saving sea animals from all the hazardous waste and creating a sustainable tourist destination with our Flower of Life Monument.

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