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Balinese Day of Silence’s Effect on Human Wellness

In Bali, “The Day of Silence” is actually the Balinese New Year. On this day, for an entire 24 hours, the people of Bali turn off the lights, do not leave their homes, do not work within the home or outside of it and do not enjoy any entertainment. They prefer to celebrate the New Year contemplatively according to the tenets of their religion and their traditions. They believe that by doing so they contribute to balancing the earth since there are a lot of positive impacts on the environment and on the people who participate in the day of silence. Here is how these 24 hours of silence benefits the participants:

Balinese day of silence

Balinese Temples. Credit: Garden of Life

Stay Away From Pollution

Most people spend the day stuck in traffic running around busy city streets inhaling pollution from the cars all around them. In addition, with factories producing all kinds of pollution, the smog in most cities can be pretty bad too. With 24 hours of zero activities going on in the entire island, taking the day off to stay in the house and breathe clean air in your own home can only improve your health.

Uninterrupted Family Time

With our lives getting busier every day, having 24 hrs with the lights off and the TV off as well as other forms of entertainment leaves lots of free time to bond with your family without interruption. In Bali, this is a time to go back to your family home and spend time with the extended family.

Save Energy

Since you will be sitting in silence with your power off, you will be saving energy and saving money on electricity bills. You will get to sit in the darkness and meditate in the night. Without all the other noise, you will be able to hear the noises of nature.

Detoxify Yourself From Digital Technology

Everybody today seems to have some gadget attached to them. In fact, the internet and gadgets seem to be controlling people’s lives. Without chat apps and social media, most people do not know what to do with themselves. The day of silence will help you detoxify yourself from gadgets and the internet and begin to connect with people again.

Balinese day of silence

Balinese traditional music convoy. Credit: Garden of Life

Stop Running Around for a Day

Most people live hectic lives. When they are not at work, they are at a social gathering or picking and dropping their kids from one place to the other. Taking a day and enjoying the silence without the hectic activity will help you refresh yourself and your mind. It gives you a great escape from your daily routine.

Enjoy the Night Lights

When the only light you have is what nature provides, you will have no choice but to enjoy the night lights. You can go out and stargaze with your family or just by yourself while contemplating your life.

Excellent Day to Meditate

The silence makes it a great day to actually meditate and acquire serenity. You will be able to accomplish the purpose of your meditation since you will only be surrounded by silence and nature.

Balinese day of silence

Thank You Universe. Credit: Garden of Life

Appreciation of the Universe

Most people go through life focused on their future and the creation of wealth to secure that future. By participating in the day of silence, you will be able to be still and simply appreciate the universe.

As part of your effort to appreciate the universe, let’s not forget to also appreciate our mother nature by taking care of it. One of many things that you can do is to take part in an organization with good causes like our partner Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Karang Lestari Foundation. You can support both of these organizations by supporting us. Learn more on our website: Gardenof.Life

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