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Daniel Elber – Founder Of Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise

Daniel Elber was a successful banker for 35 years before he finally gave it all up to focus his life on helping the underprivileged. With a feeling that his job was not fitting him well anymore, he decided to take a year off, go to Bali and think about what to do with the future. It was there that he encountered women begging for something to eat with their children in tow. He knew that the people of Bali were very community oriented and did not understand why they would not help the people he saw on the street.

Muntiguning Community Social Enterprise Daniel Elber

During this time, he visited Northern Bali and when to an island known as Muntigunung. This island has the features of a desert and has no access to fresh water. The people there live in poverty, are malnourished, unregistered and illiterate. Daniel Elber decided to get help for these people.

The first thing that he did was to organize an assessment, which showed that the problems associated with this part of Bali could indeed be solved. There were 6,000 people living in 36 villages that needed to be taken care of using a long-term holistic approach. The objectives that were set included the following:

  • To ensure that all the children were adequately educated

  • To reduce the 9% mortality rate by half

  • To ensure that the adults were also educated and to make sure that each family had at least one job with an income of at least one hundred dollars a month

  • To provide the people with at least 25 liters of fresh water for each individual daily

Daniel was able to rally financial support from Switzerland but also began organizing trekking tours that became part of his organizations income generating activities. They bring people from Songan to Muntigunung who are led through the old ‘begging path’ by the same women who used to walk it on their way to South Bali to beg. These women are now trained and employed as trekking guides. The women show the tourists their way of life, how together with Daniel’s team they organize the supply of water to the village, and the various products that they make in their villages.

Daniel elber muntigunung

To further help the people in this area, Daniel Elber and his team are looking to do the following:

  • Construct a large water tank where the people can get their water and teach them how to purify it

  • Carry out a skills building exercise so as to increase the employ-ability of the villagers

  • To enhance hygiene through various programs including building toilets

  • Village development to teach the villagers on how they can organize themselves and approach the Balinese government for registration, infrastructure, schools and the like

What you can do?

Purchasing the handcrafted products from this village can brighten their future in the long run. Go to Muntigunung’s website or social media for more info on how to purchase their crafts. You can also donate through our website to help support this community in a bigger scale, along with other good causes charities on this island.

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