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Frequently asked questions
  • How does the construction of the Flower of Life help in preserving Bali’s beauty and in addressing Bali’s challenges?

    The Flower of Life is a legacy that raises awareness of the challenges ahead by bringing people together under the banner of social and ecological responsibility, and that allows visitors to experience Bali’s beauty first hand. At the same time it creates a sustainable business model that generates a steady income for a whole range of social and environmental causes.
  • What is the Flower of Life?

    The Flower of Life is a symbol found through all times and cultures. Assembled according to the Fibonacci Principle, it is a natural mathematical sequence found everywhere in nature from sea shells to sunflowers and even our galaxies.The Flower of Life is a symbol that has been known through all times representing the interdependence and oneness of all life.
  • What can we expect of the monument?

    The Flower of Life will be a beautiful place built within the natural surroundings of a 13-hectare park bordering a UNESCO world heritage site amidst the picturesque rice terraces of Tabanan, Bali. A place to contemplate, reflect, meditate and learn about the challenges and solutions facing us in the modern world, as well as a place for the holding of unique and special events. The 4000m2 architectural masterpiece will also be a green generator of electricity composed of 429,822 personalised glass hexagons that will be donated by Bali-Lovers from all over the world. These hexagons will be covered with energy-generating interlayers of photovoltaic cells that are expected to generate up to 1 MW of energy, which will be used to take care of all power needs of the site and will be partially re-fed into the Balinese energy grid to support the local community.
  • How much money will you need to raise to build the Flower of Life?

    The overall budget is estimated at US$8,000,000 for full and final construction of the Flower of Life.
  • What makes your project so unique?

    While most charitable causes need your continuing help with regular donations time after time, we ask only for a one-time donation. That’s it! With it we create a one-of-a-kind monument that will generate the income streams that we need to provide long-term support to projects and initiate new projects that will make a difference. Financed totally by donations, it will be the biggest crowd-funded energy field on Earth, containing 429,822 personalised, solar-power producing, glass hexagons that will be contributed by caring souls from all over the world. Corporate partners will provide the stem structures that will hold them all in place.
  • Is this project really not-for-profit?

    Absolutely. All profits are to be reinvested in the project or used for charitable and worthy causes.
  • Where is my money going?

    After deduction of administrative costs, 20% of your donation will be used to fund the most urgent needs of our charity partners. 80% will be held back for the construction of the Flower of Life monument. We strive to limit our administrative costs to an absolute minimum. After the construction fund is secured, 100% of profits will be channelled into charitable and worthy causes.
  • What happens to the money that has been held back if you don’t reach your target? Do I get my money back?

    In the event that we don't reach our target in the allotted time, 100% of funds raised that have been reserved for construction of the monument will be channelled back into our charity partners and their social and environmental causes.
  • Can I co-determine for which project the 20% of my donation will be used?

    Yes you can. If you would dedicate your donation specifically to one of our projects, please send us an email at and specify which project you would like your money to go to.
  • Is it possible to give a hexagon as a gift to someone else?

    Yes, you can dedicate your donation and its benefits to someone else. Tick the box “dedicate my donation“ in the first step of the payment process and you will receive a beautifully designed voucher that can be printed and given away as a present.
  • When do you expect to start building?

    We plan to start building by the end of this year (2016). Preparations are underway, land has been secured, initial plans have been drawn up and the fundraising has begun and we expect to be operating by the start of 2018.
  • How else can I get involved without donating?

    If you live in Bali and want to be involved hands-on, check how you can contribute by contacting us at If you want to promote the cause of Garden of Life, please spread our message through your social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Will I get a donation receipt so I can claim it against my taxes?

    Yes, a donation receipt will be sent via email. For tax claims, please check with your respective country on policies and guidelines.
  • When and where will my personal Tree of Life be planted?

    Your Tree of Life will be planted on the grounds of the Garden of Life. Trees will also be planted in and around the province of Tabanan, and as soon as your tree has been planted you will receive notification from us.
  • I have yet to receive my keepsake. Where do I follow up / update my delivery address?

    Keepsakes are sent out periodically. If it has been more than 90 days, please contact us at
  • Corruption in Indonesia is widespread. Can the Garden of Life assure me that my money goes to the causes it is pledged to?

    Yes, absolutely! The Garden of Life Foundation is committed to its aim in bettering the lives of the local community, and the disbursement of monies are handled by multiple, independent entities in Indonesia and in Singapore ensuring no single party will have control over the monies at any time.
  • When will my Hexagon Energy Field be engraved and put up in the Flower of Life?

    As soon as the basic structure of the Flower of Life has been erected all the glass panels with the hexagons will be prepared for placement.
  • How do I get updates on the progress of the project?

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Where can I change my details or change my hexagon number purchased? Is there a hotline?

    You may send us amendment requests and questions at or call our Foundation Hotline +62 361 4741988 (10 am to 5 pm GMT+8) This service is only available on weekdays.

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