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Flower of Life

A sustainable legacy for Bali

The Flower of Life is a symbol that has been found through all times and cultures on this planet. As a symbol that is said to contain „the code of life“, it is the perfect reminder for the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life, calling for a harmonious vision of humanity’s future beyond race, culture and religion.

The Garden of Life Foundation will set a sign and construct the biggest Flower of Life in Bali – a unique monument that will carry the energy, names and birth details of those people that share the vision for a green, clean and healthy Bali and donate for this extra-ordinary project.

A place to reflect, to meditate and to experience the culture and beauty of Bali first-hand, the monument will stand as a legacy for social impact and sustainability by generating a steady income-stream for the most impactful charities and social enterprises on the island that work hard to create a better future for Bali.

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Flower of Life
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"If you are concerned about our home, our planet, aligning with The Flower of Life Project is a good place to begin doing something positive."ROBIN LIMRead more >
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