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The Flower of Life carries the „Code of Life“

Following the patterns of Sacred Geometry  (or the Golden Ratio), the Flower of Life is one of the oldest symbols known to man, and is found in countless religious and spiritual teachings of the world over – from Egypt to China, and Ireland to Israel, it has helped link humanity with nature since the dawn of time.

The design is based on one of nature’s great mysteries, called the golden ratio, but the Sacred Geometry goes beyond the purely spiritual, and has its basis in science and mathematics via the Fibonacci Sequence, a series of numbers that follows a unique algorithm that can be found in all living things and even our own galaxy. Look at the pattern in a sunflower’s disc, a beehive, or the whorl of a snail’s shell and you will see it clearly. It is fundamental to reality, and is the founding principle of the Garden of Life.

As a symbol that is not tied to any religion it is a wonderful reminder for the interdependence and oneness of all life. As such it captures the essence of what Bali as the Island of Gods represents to the world.

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