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Join the biggest crowd-funded energy field on earth.


The biggest crowd-funded energy field on earth

…the creation of a shelter giving space which defines space and at the same time blurs its own definition of space… the visible and invisible structure of things… interpretations of nature and its elements form the supports e.g. here as ‘trees’ which offer wide spans under single footings…. ‘wings of a dragon fly’ inspire the translucent membrane… synergies of PV, weather protection shall be realized with a single layer of skin…Key elements to be of sophisticated, low carbon footprint innovative material like composite bamboo which has the strength of steel… yet can be produced locally…. And could become in future a economically way of sustainable buildings……the curved structure will visually blend into its surround and be more realized as a sculpture synergizing with true nature and become part of it… the effects of light and cast shadows will let the space transform during the span of a day/night… a change of moods… a pulse of light… a pulse of life…


Walter Wagner, Habitat 5, Bali 

By inviting the global community to come together to finance a unique and multifunctional eco-sculpture, the Garden of Life Foundation will create the biggest crowdfunded energy field on earth, a symbol of unification and a sustainable legacy. Visitors to the auditorium will be invited to contemplate and interact with the outstandingly beautiful natural environment adjacent to the UNESCO world heritage site in Jatiluwih, Tabanan Regency, as well as being exposed to the results of the sustainable enterprises supported by the Foundation.

The 4000m2 architectural masterpiece will be composed of 429,822 personalised glass hexagons that will be donated by Bali-Lovers from all over the world. These hexagons will be covered with energy-generating interlayers that are expected to generate up to 1 MW of solar energy, which will be partially re-fed into the Balinese energy grid,responding to the energy needs of the rural population.

The eco-sculpture will be carefully embedded into the precious and beautiful rice terraces of Tabanan and, with its inspirational interior, it will serve as beautiful place for contemplation and meditation as well as an exceptional location for cultural events.

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