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Become part of the Flower of Life in Bali

This project is unique on many levels. Not only will it create an architectural masterpiece with meaning that invites you to become part of its permanent structure by adding your name and birthdate to one of the hexagons it is composed of, it will also become a steady income generator for many organizations in Bali that work hard to preserve the Island’s beauty and cultural heritage.

There are great NGOs and social enterprises out there that have to allocate much time to fundraising and marketing – as a potential donor we often don’t know which organizations we can trust, who has the biggest impact and where can we be sure that the money is used with integrity and reason. By supporting the Garden of Life Foundation you can be sure that your money is considered an investment into the longterm future of those organizations that fulfill all the criteria you are looking for. By distributing the money on the base of the declared needs of the organization, you can be sure that your money makes a difference – right now, right here.

Your money is more than just a donation. It is a micro-investment into the biggest crowdfunded energy field on earth. The biggest Flower of Life ever built. The only Flower of Life that will carry the names & birthdates of thousands of people around the world. Do you want to be part of it?

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Facts & Figures
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