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What are The Impacts of Tourism Industry in Bali?

The tourism industry is a major revenue earner for Bali. The impact of having so many tourists visiting this country is felt in positive and negative ways as follows: Positive Impact The economy of Bali has improved greatly due to the impact of the tourism industry. As such, the standard of living here is very […]


Bali’s Poverty Rate

Bali receives over 3,000,000 visitors every year with revenue from tourism in excess of 5.5 billion US dollars. Even so, there are many residents of Bali who live in abject poverty. It is said that 162,051 people live under the poverty line in Bali, most of them in the many villages. Moreover, the poverty rate […]


10 Diseases Caused By Pollution

Research is discovering more and more about the dangers of pollution. One research conducted recently showed that over twenty million deaths that occur yearly are actually caused by pollution.  Most of these deaths are in South and East Asia in backward countries. Another study that was done before that one had indicated that 40% of […]


The effects of Poverty for Children

There are a lot of people in Bali who are living below the poverty line. The effects of poverty for Children are worst than just dropping out of school, as many ended up becoming beggars we can easily spot by the traffic lights. These underage kids are begging money to feed themselves and their parents/family. Living […]


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