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Exploring Nature Benefits Children

Remember the good old days when we loved going out to the park, playing hide and seek with our friends, being called by our mums to come back home and study? Nowadays, no matter how much nature benefits children, kids are not going out of the house as much as we did. And if we […]


Green Entrepreneurs from Indonesia

Mounting trash is one of Indonesia major problems. A lot of people in Indonesia started to realize that letting this problem getting out of hand will impact on sickening rainy season condition. Such as flood, landslide and diseases. One young “green entrepreneur” called Hamidi and a middle-aged man called Ida Bagus Ketut Atmaja also concerned […]


Balinese Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a United States’ holiday celebration, which celebrate the blessings of harvest of the preceding year by giving thanks. People in China and Vietnam call it a Moon Cake festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival. Balinese also has something called “Tri Hita Karana”. The meaning of this term is that humans are living in harmony […]


How to Teach Your Kids to Live Sustainably

Every person living on earth has a responsibility to ensure that the planet is taken care of. The population is increasing while natural resources are being depleted. Today, there is need to recycle paper, metal and plastic, utilize alternative fuels and generally live a lifestyle that is more sustainable.  The older generation needs to go […]


Burning Trashes is Dangerous for You and Your Kids

One of the more common ways of getting rid of trashes especially in Bali and other rural areas is burning it in the backyard. There are health concerns to be considered with this type of garbage disposal and better options available. Health Concerns When you burn your trash in your backyard, you can be sure that the […]


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