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Corporate Responsibility in Bali

The stems within the Flower of Life, which support the hexagons and symbolise the pillars of our community, will be donated by our corporate partners – companies and organisations that benefit from the beauty of Bali and care enough to protect it; with each one telling a powerful story of a business that does good.

The beauty and magic of Bali is the basis for the existence of many corporate companies and organisations within the tourism and service sector. We believe that every business has a duty to protect and positively contribute to the communities and the environment in which it operates, while also setting an example for responsible tourism. Surely it makes sense that those who are the stakeholders should become the guardians. Anyone who relies on Bali’s culture and natural assets as a foundation for their business should be actively involved in bringing about change.

To ensure that Bali does not loose its unique selling proposition as one of the last paradises on Earth, we are seeking corporate partners to share in our mission — to create a sustainable legacy that will provide the financial foundation for those who work tirelessly to protect and preserve Bali’s beautiful nature and unique cultural heritage, to raise awareness and to improve the living conditions for all.

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