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The effects of Poverty for Children

There are a lot of people in Bali who are living below the poverty line. The effects of poverty for Children are worst than just dropping out of school, as many ended up becoming beggars we can easily spot by the traffic lights. These underage kids are begging money to feed themselves and their parents/family. Living in poverty, according to psychological research, has a wide range of health effects, both physically and mentally for children. Let’s see how we can avoid poverty for children.

Poverty for Children

Let us show you how poverty affects heavily on a kid physical condition. Food that the kids have are nutrition less. This is because they didn’t pay attention to what their meals are consisted of, as long as they stay alive anything edible is okay. This tragedy makes malnutrition unavoidable to these poor kids. Another tragic condition is that many of the kids are homeless, so living under a roof is already a privilege for them. Proper house maintenance or just a hygienic one is too much to ask. For this reason, the kids can get easily exposed to hazardous materials and to violence in their communities. As diseases are easily spread out across the kids, having a proper health care is another thing that is difficult to gain. In Indonesia, BPJS is the only health insurance that sustain the cost of health care for people living below poverty line. The system is improving, but whether or not the quality is good enough and easily accessible is debatable.

Not only that it’s affecting children physically, poverty is also damaging their mentality. Poor kids are at greater risk of not continuing education. If they get the chance to, the social barrier may abuse the kids’ mentality. These children are in greater risk of dropping out of school, having behavioral and socio-emotional problems, as well as getting a development delay. Poor academic achievement may be the result of poverty, especially during early childhood.

Poverty for children causes a lot of damage. Inadequate education is definitely what makes it even harder to lift the family and their future generation out of poverty line. That’s why we are grateful for our charity partner, Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise to train the Muntigunung community in Bali how to make a living. We want to continue supporting like minded charity. Please help us out here!

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