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Travelling Responsibly, Here’s How!

When you travel, it’s about meeting other people and seeing new places. If you are visiting a new destination, you need to be very concerned about the preservation of its environment, cultures, and places. It is important that the visit is mutually beneficial to the hosts and the guests.

Prior to Travelling

  • Begin by reading extensively about the country that you will be visiting

  • Ask your tour operator questions regarding the place. Be sure to visit bookshops and surf the internet as well.

  • Learn some of the common words in the local language. It is important to know their greeting customs as well especially when you are meeting a group of new people.


Balinese respectful hand gestures.

Balinese respectful hand gestures. Photo Credit: Bye Bye Plastic Bags


  • Water shortage is a common occurrence in many of these places. Instead of taking a bath, shower.

  • When brushing your teeth, turn off the water until you are ready to rinse

  • Use just the towels that you need

  • Electrical equipment and lamps should be turned off when not in use

Local Cuisine

  • Eat at local restaurants and try the local dishes

  • Try a variety of restaurants

  • Purchase local food so you can help grow the economy

Meeting the Locals

  • Always remember that you are visiting. Be respectful about their way of living and remain open to new experiences and learning new things

  • When you visit Churches, sacred grounds and temples be more careful and dress appropriately

  • When you meet the elderly show respect despite their work or status

  • Be careful about giving things to children and be respectful to beggars

  • If you want to take a picture of a person, be sure to ask first. If you are taking pictures of a place, you may be asked for a small fee.

  • Make sure not to provoke and be polite

  • If you drink or smoke, be careful about where you do these.


Travelling in Bali

Our charity partner in the middle of Balinese kids. Photo Credit: Solemen

Excursions Beneficial to the Community

  • Go on excursions that are environmentally friendly

  • Whenever possible use local transportation

Shop Conscientiously

  • Products that have been made from plants and animals that are endangered should not be purchased. When you visit a place, do not take a ‘trophy’ with you.

  • In many places, it is cultural to bargain but do not make sport of it. It is important to pay a price that is fair to the seller.

  • Purchase services and goods that are locally produced

Take Care of the Environment

  • Enjoy plants and wildflowers without taking them home

  • Respect wildlife and do not feed them or make unnecessary noise

  • No littering. If you can’t find a bin, take the trash home for proper disposal


flowers in Bali you see when travelling

Bali’s blooming flowers. Photo Credit: Garden of Life

The euphoria of discovering and trying something new when you are travelling are common. However, everything must be done responsibly. Please refrain from any activity that may lead to dangerous effects both for you and the locals, even though the locals did it first. Now that you know everything, go pack your luggage

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