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Introduction to Our Charity Partners: Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Known as a reliable charity that is trusted by many, Yayasan Solemen Indonesia has been in operation in Bali for a long time. It has been successful in implementing its objectives over the years. Solemen focuses its efforts on the disadvantaged in society. They have a team of people that have been highly trained and are both dedicated and compassionate when carrying out their humanitarian work.


helping the disadvantaged in Bali


The disadvantaged people that are helped by this organization are referred to as ‘Solebuddies.’  Currently, the number of people receiving help stands at one hundred and twenty-seven. The support given to these people takes the following forms:

  • Care for the family
  • Education, therapy and nutrition
  • Housing as well as other services
  • Health related, psychological and social resources including counseling and medical care

Solemen works closely with other accredited agencies as well as projects to support the disadvantaged and alleviate their suffering in Bali. Not only do they get education on health and safety, but they are also taught how to protect and respect the environment around them. The team at Solemen acts very fast once they meet someone in need of help and they have a large network of aid groups as well as rehabilitation centers that they work with on the island of Bali.


Solemen Indonesia


The outreach team usually goes out into the community in search of cases that need help. They have been trained to quickly assess the situation and to respond immediately by taking action to alleviate the suffering of the individual. Many times this means that they have to drive immediately to where the people or person that needs help may be and then take them where they can get help. This could be a medical center or for therapy with one of Solemen’s strategic partners.

All the funds that Solemen receives from its donors go into helping those who are disadvantaged and needy. Regular reports and feedback is often submitted to the donors for their perusal. This is one of the reasons why the organization is known as one of the most trusted in Bali.

We, at The Garden of Life Foundation, will provide funding to ensure that Solemen get the necessary resources needed to offer better support to the current 127 Solebuddies. These funds will go to meeting the varying needs that they have and will also enable Solemen to help more people as well, which means that they will have more Solebuddies.

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing at The Garden of Life Foundation then take a look here.

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